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Dear guests!

Please, familiarize yourself with our Confidentiality Clause. We take this issue very seriously and if you have some questions, email us at: [email protected]


Confidentiality and safety of the personal information you give us is of the outmost importance to us. No matter if you book a room directly with us or participate in one of our loyalty programs, we guaranty that your personal information is safe and used according to its intended purpose.


Our confidentiality clause says how we collect and use your personal data.

Who we are

The confidentiality clause deals with issues related to collection and usage of your personal data.

What sort of info we collect and who we share it with

We collect and use your personal data if you book a room at our hotel using our web-site, if you stay at the hotel and if you participate in a loyalty program.


If you book a room or stay at our hotel:

The information we collect

Wecollectanduseyourpersonaldataifyoubookaroomusingourbookingsystemorifyoustayatourhotel. The collected information may include the following:

  • • Yourname, surname, email, homeaddress, place of employment, phone number, nationality and credit card info;
  • • Info which you provide while booking a room, i.e., your preferences such as the room type or your comments on the hotel.

We can obtain this information directly from you while you are booking a room by means of our Booking Department, on our web-site or at the hotel. Sometimes, we can obtain this information from third parties. For example, if you book a room through an on-line travel agency.

How we use this information

We use this info to complete the booking. Before you arrive at the hotel, we can send you a message regarding your stay and we can also ask you to participate in a survey after check-out. Its purpose is to learn whether you liked your stay and what impression it made on you.


In some cases, if we have your permission or if the legislation allows this, we can contact youwith marketing purpose (this can be text messages of automatic phone calls) and inform you about potentially useful goods and services you can be interested in. We can also use info related with your stay at the hotel when placing advertisement on our web-sites as well as on those of third parties. This will be a customized info selected on the basis of your personal information and taking into account your interests. Besides, this info can be used with an aim of consolidated analysis of statistical data which will enable us to improve our products and quality of service. It can also be used for selecting places for new hotels, developing new services and conducting other surveys in the market.

Who we share your info with

Wenevershareyourpersonaldatawithanyoneunlesswepursueaimsindicatedabove. We can do it without your consent only in the following cases:

  • • Ifwehaveseriousreasonstobelievethatdisclosureofthisinformationis required by law in order to secure the safety of the hotel quests and its staff or municipal property.
  • • Ifdisclosureofinformationisrequiredbya trial, legal resolution, notice of appointment, order or legal process; or
  • • in case of junction, asset sale or similar actions.

How we secure your information

We undertake to secure confidentiality of the personal data you give us and its proper usage. We use means of technical, physical or organizational nature in order to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information, its disclosure, damage or loss. Absolute safety of data collecting, sharing and storing cannot be guaranteed. However, we constantly monitor this process and take all the necessary steps to secure the data.


Our web-sites are not intended for children and we never collect data from those under 18 years old. Should we learn about a fact of improper datacollection from an under-age we will take all reasonable, from the commercial point of view, steps in order to delete this information. It’s a rare case that we launch a campaign or a program which targets children. In such cases, the use of this information will be set forth in the rules of this program or campaign.


Should you have questions related to our confidentiality clause or you have some reasons to worry about the same or about how we deal with this issue, feel free to contact us:

  • • Email: [email protected]
  • • Address: 2nd Kadashevskylane, house16, building 1, 115035, Moscow,Russia
  • • Tel.: +7 (495) 953-16-12
  • • Fax: +7 (495) 953-12-90

Amendments to the Confidentiality Clause

In some cases we will probably have to make amendments, addendums or specifications into the present Confidentiality Clause should the changes in legislation or business situation require this. If such amendments are made, as per the legislation, into the present Confidentiality Clause you will be notified by means of our web-site. However, if there are amendments related to the use of your personal data in other ways different from those stated during the process of collecting the your information, you will be notified 30 days before such amendments come into force.