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The most famous shopping mall in Russia “Gum”


One of the most famous shopping malls in Russia, which is a monument of architecture and one of the business cards of the capital of Russia.

The building of the Upper Trading Rows was built in 1893 according to the project of architect A. Pomerantsev and engineer V. Shukhov. The length of the building along the Kremlin wall is 250 meters. Engineer V. Shukhov created a unique openwork glass roof. Its diameter is 14 meters. Its construction took more than 50,000 pounds of metal. The main entrance to the shopping arcade was installed in the center of the facade on Red Square. The back of the main building overlooks Vetoshny Lane, where there is another independent corps of rows. The main building of the structure is constructed in the form of a passage, where shops are placed in tiers on the sides of the wide aisle-gallery, with glazed ceilings, above which there are unusual light lamps.

Modernity brings its own features to the GUM. The department store is constantly evolving. The modern GUM is not only a building of stunning beauty and architecture but also more than two hundred luxury and premium boutiques. Here are the flagship stores of brands such as Manolo Blanik, Bosco Fresh, Furla, Adidas, Max Mara, Hugo Boss and many others. For the convenience of visitors, there is a pharmacy, a bank branch, photo services, and an order table.

GUM is also a vacation spot with restaurants, cafes, three cinema halls, the largest of which is designed for 70 seats, as well as a venue for cultural events.

Every year, a skating rink opens in the GUM, on the ice of which the famous skaters came out more than once. In 2007, the legendary fountain was restored, it is almost the same age as the Shopping arcade and a meeting place for visitors.

GUM is reverent about its history, which is why much attention is paid to Soviet-era. For example, there is the Grocery Store No. 1 store, designed in the style of Moscow in the 1950s, as well as the Dining Room No. 57, where you can nostalgically eat a sausage with green peas. Special attention is paid to the historical toilet room on the 1st floor. It recreated the interior of the pre-revolutionary era. You can visit it for 150 RUB. For 500 RUB you can take a shower. A bathrobe, towel, and slippers are included.

For visitors to the GUM, parking is provided in Vetoshny Lane.

GUM is one of the most famous department stores in Russia. This is not only a fashionable shopping and entertainment complex, but it is also an art object. It is a question of both the internal content of GUM and its external appearance. This building has become the same symbol of Russia as the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the History Museum.