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Interesting places near us

Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia. Today, we can safely say that this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. More than 15 million tourists come here every year and these figures are growing every year. At the same time, the number of attractions is increasing. Tourists are attracted not only by architectural monuments but also by developed infrastructure. By 2018, 215 objects of history and culture were restored in Moscow, and if you look at the data for the last seven years, these figures turn into thousands.

The diversity of attractions is so wide that there is not even a month enough time to see everything. Parks, museums, theaters, estates, a huge number of cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas, places for outdoor activities. In general, with such a variety, everyone can choose something to their liking.

Recently, festivities taking place in Moscow are also gaining momentum. For example, the “Circle of Light” festival in 2015 was attended by seven million people. Thanks to this, the festival got into the Guinness Book of Records. We will not disregard the World Cup, which took place in the summer of 2018. During the championship, more than 3 million tourists visited the capital.

To accommodate a constant flow of tourists, about 300 hotel business facilities are currently functioning. The choice of hotels is huge, from small hostels to hotel complexes. The cost of accommodation depends on various factors, including location, room size, additional services.

Recently, boutique hotels in the center of Moscow have been more popular with city guests. Usually, these are small, comfortable hotels creating a truly homely atmosphere. Our hotel is one of these hotels.

Hotel Villa Kadashi is located in the very center of Moscow. In a quiet and cozy Kadashevsky lane.

Literally two minutes away from the hotel Kadashevskaya Embankment located along which you can take a walk. You will see the famous Luzhkov bridge. It is also called the Bridge of Lovers or the Bridge of Kisses. Such nicknames were given to the bridge by young people after its opening. It became a spot for lovers in the centre of Moscow. Over time, Muscovites started to hang locks as a symbol of unbreakable everlasting love on the fence of the bridge. Here you can ride a pleasure boat or drive through the sights on a sightseeing bus. Having passed through the bridge, you will find yourself in a swamp area, the history of which has been going on for more than six centuries

Our hotel is located in a building which is a monument of architecture of the XIX century. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay, business negotiations, meetings, conferences, as well as stylish chamber dinners.