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Italian design Kartell

Dear guests!

An atmosphere of exclusivity for every guest! This is one of the important vectors of our work. We strive to ensure that every element of the interior of our hotel is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, we are in a constant search for innovative solutions.


Recently, we have complemented the interiors of public areas of the hotel with various elements of the Kartell brand.

Kartell is an Italian brand known worldwide for its designer furniture and interior details. We can say that it is a symbol of the slogan Made in Italy.

Founded in 1949, Kartell is proud of its rich history, masterfully reflected in a range of products unique in its originality and variety, reflecting the language and atmosphere of the era at the time of their creation, and at the same time absolutely modern, with many other values and messages. All this allowed them to become an integral part of the home interior.

We want to remind you that finding us is not difficult at all. The hotel is within walking distance from the metro station Novokuznetskaya.